Michael Olszak Olszak

Michael Olszak Olszak

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First Name * Michael
Last Name * Olszak Olszak
Username * michael-olszak
Country * Netherlands
Nationality Polish
Languages DutchEnglishPolish



Website www.molszak.nl


Like most of people here on the forum i love to draw and came to CGTalk because of all the amazing work people post here.

I started to get interested in drawing when i bought my first Spider-Man Comic Book back in Poland in 1995. Since then i started to draw the pictures inside of them. I had a pretty long Stop since i moved to Holland in 1996. Since like half a year i'm trying to pick it up and actually learn it but it's hard to do it everyday when you work full week.

I love the Anatomy forums a lot and think i will be active there most of the time. the 15 minute sketch thread is my favorite (i think all newbs should get busy there).

Michael Olszak